At CarDunAl Obedience Dog Training Club, our goal is to teach dog owners how to effectively communicate with their dogs and to teach them to obey even under the most distracting circumstances.  Through proven techniques, we teach you how to properly balance timing, praise and correction to develop a truly well behaved, dependable canine companion.


Puppy / Pre-Beginners please contact Holly Kuhns  224-531-1015
Agility Class information please contact: Carol Ronan 847-741-4709
Beginners Class information please contact: Kris Kenney 224-829-9183
Rally Class information please contact: Marilou Haworth 847-742-3834
Correction Clinics please contact: Sharon Roundy 847-683-7705
All other classes please contact: Carol Ronan 847-741-4709
Nosework Classes please contact: Judy Lantinen  847-401-6890
Obedience Ring Rental: Cost is $10.00 per ½ hour – Please contact: Patti Keeler : fancyfcr@foxvalley.net
Agility Ring Rental: Cost is $20.00 per hour for up to 4 Dog and Handler Teams – $5.00 for each additional dog-
For Member Rental Information – Please Contact
  Judie Seyller 224-535-1610 email: seysz06@hotmail.com
Facility Availability: If you are looking for a site for your next event, we would be
pleased to partner with you.  Please contact:
Tegan O’Connor  847-650-2509 email: sbspud02@comcast.net
Cardunal Office Phone (unstaffed – leave message) 847-669-8788
Car-Dun-Al General info: info@cardunaldogtraining.com