(Revised June 2011)

  1. At Car-Dun-Al’s annual Awards Banquet, the Club will honor and give awards to any General or Junior Member whose dog completes any AKC, UKC or foreign title/degree from any nationally recognized organization.
  2. To be eligible for awards, the member must have attended a minimum of two (2) General Membership meetings and earned a minimum of six (6) work credits during the calendar year. See list of work credits attached.
  3. The member’s dog must have an obedience, rally, tracking, or agility title in order to earn a plaque.
  4. Awards must be applied for in the year the title, last leg, or last points were earned. The Awards Chairperson must be notified on or before December 31st. Members applying for awards after December 31st will have their application reviewed by the awards chairperson. If General Membership Meeting attendance and/or work credits aren’t met the award may be reapplied for during the next calendar year.
  5. Awards applications must be accompanied by a photocopy of the title earned certificate.
  6. The Handler’s Traveling Trophy:
    1. Will be presented to the General Member or Junior Member of the Club having the highest average of three (3) qualifying scores from any dog in regular classes in AKC obedience trials.
    2. The winners name will be engraved on the trophy which will be displayed in a prominent location at the club. A small award will be given to the winner to commemorate the winning of the award. In the case of a tie, the award will be shared equally.
  7. There will be a special award, which includes the dog’s name, presented to General Members or Junior Members for each dog they own that completes the AKC title of OTCH, CT, MACH or a perfect score of 200. These awards are over and above all other title awards.
  8. An award will be given for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of regular general membership. Consecutive years of membership shall not be jeopardized as long as membership is reinstated at the first General Membership meeting of the new calendar year.
  9. The Club will maintain a Car-Dun-Al Hall of Fame Book. Car-Dun-Al’s Hall of Fame requirements may be viewed on the Club’s website.
  10. Any member who does not collect their award within three (3) months after the Awards Banquet must contact the awards chairperson.



(Revised June 2011)

1⁄2 Credit:

Steward at a Correction Clinic or Beginners Graduation

Work 1 hour at a scheduled housekeeping event

Help with the Store at Beginners Orientation

One (1) Credit:

Judge a Correction Clinic or Beginners Graduation

Serve on a Committee

Work 1⁄2 day at an Obedience Trial

Substitute as an Instructor or an Assistant for 4 classes

Work a minimum of 2 hours at a scheduled housekeeping event

Two (2) Credits:

Serve as a Chairperson of a Committee

Assist one Beginner Class or higher (full 10 week session)

Assist two Puppy or Pre-Beginners Classes

Serve as a Board Member

Work 1 full day at a Tracking Test

Work 1 full day at an Obedience Trial


Three (3) Credits:

Instruct a Beginners Class or higher

Instruct 2 Puppy or Pre-Beginner’s Classes

Serve as Class Registrar

Serve as a Trial Secretary or Chairperson