Beginners Class


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 This is a 10 week training course geared toward dogs 5 months or older. AKC Star Puppy and Pre-Beginners are not a requirement to enroll in this class. You will learn how to teach basic commands:  heel, sit, down, stay & come. Manners and problem behaviors are also addressed using the techniques you learn as you build a strong, consistent relationship with your dog.  Distractions will be introduced to establish reliability even in difficult situations. The final weeks of the class you will learn how to prepare your dog for off leash work.

If your dog has already mastered basic skills and exhibits those behaviors reliably around other dogs and in distracting situations and you would prefer a more advanced class you are welcome to contact our Director of Training for an assessment. PLEASE REMEMBER the method we use is taught in the Beginners level class. In advanced level classes your Instructor will assume you are already familiar with the method.

For an assessment please contact Holly Kuhns at or call 224-531-1015

  • The first night of class is an Orientation. Please leave your dogs at home.
  • All Beginners Class handlers must be at least 14 years old.
  • Handlers 9-14 years of age please see the Dogs and Kids Program listed below.
  • No refunds will be given after the Orientation.

Class Fee:  $160.00


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