Novice Class (10 Weeks)  &
Novice Competition “Ring Ready” (6 Weeks)


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Novice Class

This 10 week class is for the students who have completed the Beginners Class and are focused on showing their dog in AKC or UKC Novice Obedience. The class will emphasize off leash heeling and all the elements required to successfully obtain a Companion Dog Title. You will be tested on AKC Rules and Regulations for Novice Obedience so you will need to read and understand the required rules. During the class you will also need to transition to a collar that can be used in the obedience ring.

Class Requirements:   Permission of your Beginner’s Class Instructor or the Director of Training

Novice Class Fee:   $160.00  

Novice Competition “Ring Ready”

This 6 week class is for the students who have completed the Beginners Class and are ready to show in Novice Obedience. This class will concentrate on ring procedures working on proper heeling procedure, figure eights, stand for exam, recalls and sits and downs. Students will also be taught proper etiquette in and out of the ring.

Class Requirements: Permission of your Beginner Novice or Novice Instructor or evaluation by the Director of Training prior to registration.

Novice Competition “Ring Ready” Fee: $110.00



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