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In the 10 week Pre-Utility class your dog learns scent discrimination using scent articles. You begin to introduce hand signals as a replacement for verbal commands and a moving stand for exam. Your dog learns to take a direction on a retrieve and to retrieve gloves laid out 20 apart. The dog learns to move away from the handler, to sit on command and wait instruction to take one of two jumps. Mid-Utility Class is a continuation of what you have started as you increase distance and the level of difficulty. Utility Class is the final stage of training as you approach readiness to enter the ring at the highest level of obedience.

Pre-Utility Class Requirements:

  • Permission of your Open Class Instructor or Director of Training and successful completion of your Companion Dog Excellent Title
  • You will need scent articles, a set of four gloves (3 white and 1 brown) and wooden dowels (with Velcro attached). In addition, you will need a bar jump and a high jump.

Mid-Utility Class Requirements:

  • Permission of Pre-Utility Instructor or permission of the Director of Training.

Utility Class Requirements:

  • Permission of the Mid-Utility Instructor or permission of the Director of Training.


Pre-Utility, Mid-Utility and Utility Class Fees:  $160.00



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